About Us


Who We Are

Carolina Pet Pottery is a small family business located in Raleigh, North Carolina. From our pottery studio we produce handcrafted pet products with care and passion. Although we are craft-persons by trade, we are dog and animal lovers at heart. Our aim is to produce great looking items that are functional as well as safe for your pet. All of our pet bowls are made from lead free, food safe clay and glaze and are laboratory tested dinnerware safe.

Our Story

Although I had been working with pottery for years, I never thought about making pet bowls. Our story began after hearing the heart breaking news of  beloved pets losing their lives to tainted and contaminated pet food. My wife and I were purchasing a quality dog food manufactured in the USA, but I began wondering about the bowls our two mixed terriers were eating from. After watching our oldest dog complete her daily ritual of licking her bowl clean three times I began thinking " Is her bowl safe, where was it made, leaching lead or cadmium?" The next morning I went to my studio and starting making two bowls for our dogs, Bubbles and Noodles. The next day Carolina Pet Pottery was born.

Our Process

Our products are made using a process called slip casting. Liquefied clay is poured into plaster molds to form a casting. Our ware starts out as an original piece of art work which has been carved or molded out of clay, plaster or wood. The original piece, called the model, is used to make the master and finally the working plaster molds. In small-scale production it is a labor intensive process, but it can produce very beautiful ware.

Our Products

All of our bowls are made of quality stoneware clay. Stoneware is durable, chip-resistant and heavyweight. The reason stoneware is such a great clay for pet bowls is it becomes vitrified during the last kiln firing. Vitrification, in ceramics, is a process where the clay molecules fuse together to form a dense stone- like substance. The density of stoneware is what makes it dishwasher and microwave safe. And what that means for your pet is, a safe bowl that won't develop hairline cracks in the glaze that can  encourage bacterial growth.

During the last firing kiln temperatures reach 2300 degrees Fahrenheit - yeah, it's a little hotter than your oven at home. At these temperatures another great thing happens - the glaze coatings fuse to the clay body. This is why stoneware is so chip-resistant.

Carolina Pet Pottery Stoneware Pet Bowls are 100% vitrified, you can put them in the dishwasher or microwave to your hearts desire and the clay body or glaze coat will not crack.


The safety of our products is a major concern for us. Providing your pet with a safe bowl is top priority. We're dog lovers and owners, making safe pet bowls is just something we do!

Dinnerware safe status is achieved with a focus in four areas:

  • We make your pet's bowl ourselves, nothing is outsourced. We make it, we know exactly what goes into it.
  • We use only lead- free, food- safe clay and glaze from reputable U.S. manufactures that produce their products in the USA.
  • All of our kilns are purchased brand new. Used kilns can be a source of contamination if lead containing materials were fired in it.
  • Sample bowls of all glaze and glaze combinations used for our designs are sent to a EPA certified laboratory for testing to establish dinnerware safe status.

 All Carolina Pet Pottery bowls meet FDA regulations  for dinnerware safety.

Thanks for shopping with us!